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Inventory Logistics
There’s much more to warehousing than a giant, empty space with four walls. Business owners must also consider access to major transportation hubs, technology, and even temperature control and security when seeking a suitable warehouse space to meet their individual needs. If you’re in Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis, or Milwaukee, Peosta Warehousing Logistics can help. Let our warehouse and distribution company assist by allowing us to be your build-to-suit contractor for lease or rent to own.Our professionals will design, construct, and develop a new building that suits and fulfills your specific needs. Our energy efficient buildings offer:

No Height Restrictions

Build as high as your product requires or utilize tighter space more efficiently by building up instead of out.

LED Lighting

LED lights use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs, dramatically reducing power costs. Their long lifespan also reduces the costs of regularly replacing these long-lasting lights.

T-8 Lighting

The gold-standard in warehouse lighting.

Air Rotation Furnaces

These furnaces are ideal for controlling temperature and indoor air quality.

12-inch Walls (R-Factor 24)

Not too thick and not too thin, 12-inch, R-Factor 24 walls offer just the right amount of structural support and temperature control for warehousing.

PolyISO white membrane roof (R-Factor 20)

This high-performance, cost-effective material is a smart investment for insulating a warehouse and protecting the items within it long term.

2000 Amps, 280/277 Volt Electric Supply

Enough power to run a warehouse with an eye to cost and energy efficiency.

ESFR Sprinkler Systems

Protect your warehoused items secure in the knowledge that should the unthinkable occur, this sprinkler system will limit the damage.

Climate Controlled

Temperatures and humidity levels are carefully monitored and maintained so your warehoused items stay fresh and secure.

As warehouse logistics management professionals, we understand that there’s so much more to warehousing and logistics than just space. Construction ready land is available, and we’re ready to get started.

Call us today at (888)704-0707 or (563)556-0707.

Peosta Warehousing Logistics We offer state-of-the art warehouse management solutions for local and international businesses. Let Peosta Warehousing Logistics serve as the build-to-suit contractor and take full responsibility for the development of a building that suits your very specific requirements. What you’ll get is a new building, designed and constructed to your specifications with no initial capital outlay. Our buildings are energy efficient with pre-cast concrete tilt-up walls manufactured locally saving money on time and transportation. We offer public warehousing as well as contract warehousing facility for leasing and rental.

Our Buildings Offer:

  • No Height Restrictions
  • T-8 Lighting
  • Air Rotation Furnaces
  • 12 Inch Walls (R-Factor 24)
  • Poly-ISO White Membrane Roof (R-factor 20)
  • 2000 Amps 480/227 Volt
  • ESFR Sprinkler Systems
  • Climate Controlled

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